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Grant & Jessica's Home Studio features Broadcast-Quality Sound and is fully equipped for Source Connect Sessions,
To-Picture Dubbing/ADR Sessions, and Zoom/Skype/Phone Patch Directed Sessions.


Both Jessica and Grant are in the
Hit Animated Series MIRACULOUS!
Check out Jessica as Mylene!

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"PLAY" button and keep cursor hovering over the video.
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High quality voice-over from professional voice over talent that know how to deliver a compelling read that will make your products or message stand out from the rest. From voiceover in movies to commercial voiceover and documentary narrator, we are here to help.


How do we charge for our projects? Our voice acting rates vary per project. Rest-assured, we try to work within your budget. Voice over rates all depend on the length of the voice-over scripts, market size, live recording session with the client being brought in on line to direct through Zoom, Bodalgo, Webex and/or Skype. 


Live and Directed voice actor sessions are available through preferred Source Connect or an ISDN bridge connection. Phone patch is also available  Files can be recorded in either .mp3, .wav or .aiff and delivered by email, FTP or a direct download link.


We provide the Voiceover Marketplace with commercial voice-over for radio, television, advertising agencies, independent film studios, directors, producers, casting agents, voiceover ad agencies, voice talent agencies, animation houses, voice over agents, cartoon voiceover and all types of voiceover for media.


We have done thousands of voiceover jobs. The way the Voice Actor reads the script can be the most important decision you make. Professional Voice Actors can make your video or audio production come to life. When looking to hire a Voice Actor you must decide upon the type of voice that best suits your project. We know finding the best voice actors can be a challenge. Too many to choose from can be a dizzying experience. It all comes down to how well the voice actor can act! Acting is the keyword. Being believable and pulling in the target audience is the goal. Anyone can read a voice over script, but being able to act and become the character is the key to a successful voice over actor.

Do you need a husband and wife Voice over team? That offers real voice over chemistry, or Voice actors with convincing, conversational, deep, friendly, powerful, wacky, warm, accented voice overs? We are a one-stop-shop and can assure you that you get more than just a voice. You get the best voice actor that will fit your advertising campaign.


Voice over auditions? Would you like to hear our voices on your project? If our voice over samples on our site are not enough, we are happy to send over a voice over audition for your project. So if your ready to hire professional voice over actors... then Contact us today.

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Top Voice Over Talent Grant George and Jessica Gee-George are full-time experienced professional Voice Actors with thousands of credits spanning several decades. Known as America’s Favorite Voice Over Husband and Wife Team from their Partner Read Spots which showcase their Genuine Chemistry, this Voiceover Dynamic Duo has been heard World-Wide in Commercial Voice Overs, Animated Film and Cartoon Series Character Voices, Video Games Voice Acting, Narration Voices for Corporate Videos, Medical Video Narration, Political Ad Voice Overs, Network TV Promo Voices, Trailer Voice Overs, Radio Imaging VO, Anime English Dubbing and Localization Voice Acting, Loop Group Voice Talent work, ADR Voice Talent Work, Celebrity Voice Matching, E-Learning Narration, Audio Book Voice Over and more. Jessica Gee George and Grant George have a Broadcast-Quality Home Studio equipped with Source Connect, top quality Neumann and Sennheiser Microphones, and to-picture ADR and Dubbing recording capabilities in professionally designed sound proof environment.

Grant & Jessica's Home Studio features Broadcast-Quality Sound and is fully equipped for Source Connect Sessions,
To-Picture Dubbing/ADR Sessions, and Zoom/Skype/Phone Patch Directed Sessions.


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